About Us

Alive Solar Industries is founded with the vision of renaissance in field of solar power technology. The company with its own state of art infrastructure and world class research and development facility has produced the first technological patent in field of solar rooftop power units in INDIA. Alive Solar Industries has addressed the problem of large space requirement and non-availability of quantized form of solar power generation system for small scale. The technology of Alive Solar has provided great comfort to the industrial sector as well as to residential communities by full filling their customized needs at lowest price available in INDIA..

Vision & Mission

MISSION:To develop breakthrough technology in Advanced Solar Products and hence to the make the country Energy Independent.
VISION: Research and Development in Solar Products and to optimize the Solar Energy through its range of Products.

Research & Development

Technology has been central to everything Alive Solar Industries has ever done. From our very first patent from India in its class for Solar field to the opening to Reality Centre first of its kind all utilise the best available technology to create timeless assets that give long-term returns to the citizens of India and World. Alive Solar Industries is actively involved in the development of novel and proprietary catalysts, processes and products to improve profitability and accelerate our growth. Our company has transitioned from a smart buyer of technology to a fast customizer of technology and is a flagship developer which provides business leadership through largely in-house developed technology that creates significant value. R&D enables the innovation based growth agenda for Alive Solar Industries. Our state-of-the-art R&D provide an impressive array of advanced equipment to our researchers and scientists round-the-clock. Alive Solar has emerged as As a part of our ongoing open innovation initiatives, Alive Solar Industries is actively collaborating with various International and National Institutions for R&D related activities.
Alive Solar Industries has collaborated with Government of Rajasthan (Govt. Engineering College, Banswara) to enhance the research in the field of Power electronics in Renewable Energy, Solar cell, Fluid dynamics for cleaning systems of Solar panels etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Abhigya Urja Abhiyan

Alive Energy Mission is an initiative of Alive Solar Industries to educate hthe students, rural backward areas, Offices, each houses and every citizen of india for saving electricity and promoting the use of Solar Energy.
Alive Solar is affirmed to make sure that electricity should reach to the remotest house located in India.